The Birth of my 9 Week Baby

WARNING ⚠ This post contains some graphic information about my miscarriage. Sheldon and I have been so hopeful and positive that this pregnancy would be the one. This was the baby that I would carry to term, and though it may not have been the best timing, we were still excited and making plans. I... Continue Reading →

My Day Job

I'm a wife, foster mom and full time student... Some days are longer then others. My days are now spent running kids around to school and their never ending amounts of appointments.  For the first time in my life I actually use a day planner. It never worked for school, but I have noticed that... Continue Reading →

Prayers and Baby Dust

Good Morning, As I sit here, drinking my black tea with hints of orange rind and spice, I am reminded how lucky I am to be here... Surrounded by my three dogs, a full basket of clean laundry and my tea. I don't wake up every morning feeling this grateful, but I should. Trying to... Continue Reading →

Mi familia, Day Four and Five

I found my old Blog today and wanted to share my thoughts from 2015 because everything I said about my family couldn’t be more true! They turned me into the woman I am today and I couldn’t be more thankful! I hope you enjoy 🙂


I miss my family. So….

Today, Day four and five, I am thankful for….


are a funny thing. When mommy and daddy love each other very much… God takes bits of mommy and bits of daddy and creates….

A mutant being of smashed genetics and histories.

I am a firm believer in nature and nurture… We are both. I am, both.

I believe in nature.. Genetics…

I’m genetically my fathers child, I’m a lot like him. I have his eyes, his stubbornness, his ability to love easily, and his strength. My dad is a hard worker. I’m not very close to him, though I’ve tried over the years, but he’s still my dad. I still have his genetics. I still love him very much. Don’t forget that daddy. I can be stubborn and firm in my way, my beliefs. I’m also a very hard worker and know the value…

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November 9, 2017

Sometimes life, just turns things upside down. The most unexpected things happen, and we are left asking ourselves "why? ". On November 9th I went in for my first trimester ultrasound. The Radiologist came in to speak with me and informed me that I was no longer pregnant, my fetus had died sometime in the... Continue Reading →

A Day in The Life!

This weekend I drove home to a very busy farm! It all started with a note on my apartment door... a little back ground; My husband lives in southern Oregon on our farm, we own about 4 acres. I live in Spokane, WA for work so I only go home every month or so, hopefully... Continue Reading →

7 weeks down

Pregnancy isn't as easy as its cracked up to be! Honestly, every negative thing I've heard about, I have also experienced. Morning sickness? More like all day sickness! Exhaustion? Feels like I ran two triathlons and also run over by a bus! Mood swings? We won't even go there. I have the misfortune of coming... Continue Reading →

We did it.

My cycle started August 25, I continued with my second month of letrozole and had my 21 day progesterone. My first month progesterone was 24.3, I'm not sure what scale they use but my doctor said that it was excellent! This past months progesterone level, September 14th, was 29.4, a whole 5 points higher and... Continue Reading →

First Month…

I've just finished my first month and trial of letrozole with amazing results! I went in on day 12 for a follicle study and found that I had about 5 follicals on my ovaries! Which is incredible news compared to the past 5 months! I started taking ovulation tests on day 7 of my cycle... Continue Reading →

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