7 weeks down

Pregnancy isn’t as easy as its cracked up to be! Honestly, every negative thing I’ve heard about, I have also experienced.

Morning sickness? More like all day sickness!

Exhaustion? Feels like I ran two triathlons and also run over by a bus!

Mood swings? We won’t even go there.

I have the misfortune of coming from a family who produces very healthy babies at the cost of a very sick pregnancy. I really shouldn’t be complaining though, I wanted this to happen! I will say that the best thing I have found for curing my foul mood swings and constant vomiting is Harry Potter marathons and lots of saltine crackers!

We finally told our family about our little growing junebug, but we haven’t told social media yet. I never know when the right time is. Everyone says to wait till I’m 10-12 weeks just to be sure I don’t miscarry, but why is that such a negative thing? I don’t want to have to grieve my child privately, even if it makes others uncomfortable. .. but I’m not even thinking its an option so let’s stay positive!


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