A Day in The Life!

This weekend I drove home to a very busy farm! It all started with a note on my apartment door… a little back ground;

My husband lives in southern Oregon on our farm, we own about 4 acres. I live in Spokane, WA for work so I only go home every month or so, hopefully this changes now that we have a baby on the way!

Anyway, I’m not supposed to have pets in my studio apartment in Washington (stupid animal hating apartment complex). My parents sent us their blue heeled because they weren’t able to give him a yard in Maryland. So… I hadn’t found time to take him home and he’s a barker๐Ÿ™„ we all know how this will end.. not well.

So, instead of risking eviction I took off work and drove our newest addition down to Oregon and introduced him to my other fur babies, which I now have four. …

You see, I think everyone has their “thing”. My thing just so happens to be strays.. people, animals..etc. I have a big heart so I’ll just give anyone a home! My poor husband gets stuck with all my strays while I’m living it up alone in my studio apartment growing a human!

Allow me to introduce my furry creatures!

This is Hank


And Deacon who is always partnered with the cat

These pups cause quite a bit of chaos at the house when Im not around! My husband came up with the brilliant idea to build an outside dog pen!

Which turned into a huge success, at least until winter hits, but at that point I’m hoping we can put a heating lamp inside the little house where their kennels are stored! Everyday is a work in progress and a new adventure on the farm!


Note: We were able to build this kennel really cheap because they gates shown above were found on the property when we bought it. We lined the inside of the steel gates with livestock fencing to keep the little ones from squeezing though the slats. We secured the side of the fence with three T posts and nailed the ends of each gate to the barn itself. The kennel gets very muddy right now during the rain and snow season so I lined the ground with wood shavings from Coastal farm store and it seems to do the trick!


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  1. First, so delighted that you have decided to follow my scribblings over on Learning from Dogs. Thank you. Second, you speak of home being Southern Oregon and I was curious as to how far away to are from where Jean and I live. We are to the North-West of Grants Pass. See here: https://learningfromdogs.com/2012/10/19/arizona-to-oregon/
    Finally, if you are relatively close to us and our 13 acres then would be nice to connect via the telephone!


    1. Hello Paul! I myself enjoy scribbling about my beloved pups so I very much enjoy the rantings of others! My husband and I just bought 4 acres outside of Klamath Falls, OR. We enjoy the small town vibes it brings. I am afraid I am not a true Oregonian like my husband, but I choose to call it home anyway!


      1. OK, just seen where you are. Looks like a very nice spot. Likewise, both Jeannie and I are far from being Oregonians; we were both born in London! But Hugo Road here in Merlin is just about perfect for us. Indeed, we both want this place to be our last resting spot!!
        Here are some pics taken here back in January, 2017. Plus, it’s a lovely local community – they speak to Brits! ๐Ÿ˜‰


      2. I loved my time in London! I studied human development there for a May term back in 2013. I have grown very fond of Oregon as well, it is very green here compared to Arizona! I am not sure I am ready to make it my last resting spot but thanks to my grandparents I have another 75 years or so before I have to start thinking about that ๐Ÿ˜‰

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