Prayers and Baby Dust

Good Morning,

As I sit here, drinking my black tea with hints of orange rind and spice, I am reminded how lucky I am to be here… Surrounded by my three dogs, a full basket of clean laundry and my tea.

I don’t wake up every morning feeling this grateful, but I should.

Trying to have a baby has been an upward battle, always on my mind even when everything else in my life is seemingly perfect! Everyone will always tell you, “It’s okay,” “You’re still so young, you have you’re whole life,” “Don’t worry, you’re time will come.”

Here is some advice from a woman who has had a miscarriage and wants to be a mother; Those statements are demeaning.

I obviously know that I am still young at 26, I also know that I have PCOS and there are risks for infertility no matter my age.

Here are some links about PCOS and the symptoms associated with it if you have more questions or think you could be struggling with PCOS:

We haven’t given up on having our own child, we do believe it will happen in God’s timing and even if we are unable to conceive


However, My husband and I do have some really incredible news to share with our family and friends! We have decided to become Foster/Adoption Parents for the state of Oregon. Yesterday we were able to meet two different foster parents and learn about their way of life and raising their children.

One mother was adoption only, she went into this wanting to adopt and now has her own beautiful children, the other mother and father were foster parents as well as adoptive parents and had seen both sides of the spectrum. After speaking with the families, the caseworker that was present thought that we would make a great fit for a foster family!


On Monday we go in to fill out paperwork and start our classes in May! We are so excited to start this new journey and are going to take our time and learn as much as we can before we accept our first child.


We are stuck on what age group we are wanting to foster, I would love to take in 10 year olds and younger and my husband wants to do 7 and younger… I understand the worry of accepting older kids who have been in the system longer but they need love to, and we have so much love to spare in our life.

My Aunt used to tell me, “No one raises babies the way our family raises babies.”

I have loved that saying from the moment she said it to me and I have never forgotten it!

We still accept all the prayers and baby dust for having our own little angel, but we are also so blessed to begin the next steps to being foster parents and possibly adopting another child.


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